3 Good Quality Questions To Ask As A Candidate During The Final Interview

August 2, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

You have reached the final round. So congrats on that achievement. Most candidates do not ask quality questions. And at times miss out on good opportunities or end up taking the wrong one. The questions during the Final Interview have to be different than the ones you as a candidate would have asked during your first round. That’s because the objective to be achieved differs at both stages. The purpose of these questions is two-fold, one to further impress the interviewer. Second to gain inputs that help you decide whether the job is suitable for you or not?


The 3 Questions For Final Interview are:


Question 1 – (As an example for a sales position interview) “During our last meeting, you provided me with some inputs on the challenges that you are currently facing. On the basis of those, I did my research by visiting the market and found out that you have a great scope of increasing the sales by tapping segment X of customers which remains unexplored. Can I share my thoughts on how to go about it?”


Advantage: It reflects your high level of interest in the job. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to explain what you can do for the company by adding value. Also, there could be an input you may have missed out during your first interview which you can now touch upon. Further, impress the interviewer at the time of the final interview. Additionally, depending upon the response from the interviewer, you get assured that your capability matches a key requirement of the job.


Question 2 – What are your expectations from me during the initial 3 to 4 months in case I am selected?


Advantage: There could be high expectations which are perfectly alright because in today’s dynamic environment organizations seek outstanding performers who are valuable. Also, this question will help you know if the expectations are either unrealistic or mismatched with your skill sets. For example, in project management, expecting a TAT (turn around time) to be reduced within an unduly short time. That will need to be evaluated for its feasibility. And this will require further probing on your part regarding the gap areas which will then tell you whether the expectation is realistic or not.


Though expectations keep changing in a dynamic and evolving world. So, this question can tick off major areas of mismatch if any, between your overall skillsets and the expected delivery areas. And in case you feel confident that you are going to surpass or meet the expectations. Then this stage is appropriate to reiterate your certainty level by demonstrating with examples that you can do it. This ensures that you stand out as a candidate as compared to others.


Question 3 – What is the work culture of the organisation?


Advantage- It gives you a sense about the organization’s DNA which helps you match yours. After you have heard the prospective employer out. This question gives you an opportunity to clarify any areas of concern that you may have or anything that you would have heard about the culture which impacts your decision to join or not if selected. Do remember, just like the prospective employer, you too have every right to decide whether it is a suitable job or not.


You might want to add another question depending upon your situation but a word of caution here. All the questions need to be well thought out. Because an irrelevant question or an inappropriate manner of putting them across can boomerang. It may run the risk of losing an attractive offer or you taking the wrong decision. More so because being the final interview stage, both you and the prospective employer would be close to taking a decision.


Now that you ready to fire the right questions, you should be in a position to grab the right offer.


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Best of Luck!!!


Sarabjeet Sachar

Founder & CEO


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