5 Key Mindset Shifts That Lead To A Successful Job Change

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be”- Marianne Williamson

To succeed in your job search, you first need to change the meaning of every hurdle that you face and then take action. Change your mindset and you will certainly win. Want to know how to do that? I know that it is easier said than done. But if someone had to hold a gun against your head and ask you to think positively, I bet you would do that. So, everything is very much possible if we make it a must.

With my over 3 decades of experience in guiding over 10,000 candidates and personally coaching 3000+ experienced professionals, I am giving below tips which will serve as a framework for you to start shifting your own mindset in terms of job search and will help attract interview calls. You already have in you what it takes, I am only helping you see things differently. If you are ready to commit yourself more than 100 percent, then read on (these are 5 common challenging scenarios faced by job seekers):

Hurdle 1 : No response from recruiters to applications being made.

Common mindset : Hiring managers and recruiters are not serious. They get innumerable responses and would not have even read my resume.

New mindset : I am valuable and have contributed in every organisation I worked. What is unique about me? How can I stand out as an applicant?

Action points :

A] Shift the focus on achievements instead of  responsibilities in your resume and customise it as per the pain points of the job.

B] Do in depth research on every prospective employer.

C] Develop an engaging pitch letter (cover note) which includes key achievements as per the requirement of the job.

Hurdle 2 : Not holding a job currently or having made frequent job changes.

Common mindset : I would be of lesser value than someone who currently holds a job. And because of my frequent job shifts, I would be seen as a job hopper. Hence would not get shortlisted.

New mindset : I am an achiever. Am proud of the contribution I have made by delivering outstanding results at every company that I worked. In the current pandemic  environment, not holding a job is a generally acceptable.

Action points :

A] Change the structure of your resume and focus on your skill sets and elaborate your stories of achievements in the beginning portion of your resume. The space in the first half page can be about you and your uniqueness and then in the latter part start mentioning about your tenures.

B] Build up the list of your recommendations on LinkedIn and provide link of your profile in your resume.

C]  In case you currently don’t hold a job, take up a freelance consulting assignment on a project basis (irrespective of being paid for it) through references/ aquantances and remain employed.

D] A powerful customised pitch letter with each application is a must.

Hurdle 3 : How do I get a minimum of 25 to 30% hike in my salary.

Common mindset : Look for only those jobs where I can get a minimum of 25% to 30% increase on my current or last salary (you miss out on many good  opportunities offering enriching roles and prospects with this kind of a mindset).

New mindset : What is my priority right now? It is to gain an opportunity with an organisation offering a solid platform where I can utilise my skills and deliver value. Let me not start my search with the CTC as a benchmark. I don’t want to miss the woods for the trees.

Action points :

A] Start by making a list of your skills and achievements. Look at what you enjoy doing most and have delivered well.

B] Be open to jobs that offer prospects which utilise your full potential. Ask yourself – does this job offer an opportunity to expand and evolve?

C] Accordingly seek jobs across a broad salary range which may or may not necessarily offer the desired hike. Persuading the prospective employer for a handsome hike with salary negotiation is the next step as you go through the hiring process.

Hurdle 4 : How do I expand my reach amongst prospective employers where there may not necessarily be a vacancy?

Common mindset : I can never be able to reach employers for these hidden jobs. I won’t get a response from them even if I write to them.

New mindset: If I can present myself as a solution provider and demonstrate that I can dramatically improve the results the employer is seeking, why will they not want to meet me? Let me do my research and reach out strategically to 20 employers/ recruiters and am sure I will get 2/ 3 of them to respond.

Action points :

A] Study and research companies which you aspire to join. Built a strong case for yourself and reach out to them through your network of referrals/ recruiters/ LinkedIn.

B] Don’t take them for granted. Make an engaging pitch by connecting the dots with the pain points and your solution providing ability. That motivates them to meet you.

Hurdle 5 : How to shift to another industry?

Common mindset : I have never worked in that industry so I will never be called for an interview. They prefer candidates from the same industry.

New mindset : What are my transferable skills? Have I ever made a genuine and sincere effort of listing down all my transferrable skills and then prioritised them as per the job’s requirement? What if I do that and then approach prospective employers?

Action points :

A] Customise your Resume by highlighting your transferable skills required by the job in another industry. For example, if you are in sales, then persuading,  negotiating, communicating, deciding, supervising, adaptability, training, leading and so on are examples of transferable skills. With success stories utilising each skill, you can build up your candidature.

B] Develop an engaging pitch letter accordingly.

I can assure you that you will see a dramatic improvement in your hit rate if you change your mindset.

Happy job hunting!!

Sarabjeet Sachar

Founder & CEO


-If you want to change your job, change the way you search

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