5 Major Reasons Why You Are Not Receiving Relevant Interview Call

August 2, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

There are many candidates who I have coached who face this challenge of not receiving any interview call. In spite of making multiple applications to jobs for which you are suitable, why don’t you receive a positive response or an interview call?  With my overall learning of 3 decades and has coached over 3000 professionals am sharing below the major reasons for no response from prospective employers.


5 Major Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Relevant Interview Call


1] No Homework:

In school/college days, what was the result of we not completing our assignment given as homework? Losing out on the opportunity to get the desired marks/rating. Similarly, if you have not understood each job’s requirement and given deep thought to what your strengths specific to the job are, there will remain a disconnect. So the first step is to list down all those achievements which match each job that you apply for. Once you have completed this exercise, you are ready to make effective use of the Job Search tools at your disposal.


2] Not Validating The Job:

Jobs posted online on job portals, LinkedIn and other major platforms like IIM Jobs do remain one major source of searching for jobs. However, it is critical that one calls the hiring manager/recruitment agency and validate whether the job is active or not. There are many jobs that continue to be reflected in the online medium even though the position is closed. Apply only to active jobs. Mass applications is a strict NO-NO because then frustration will set in.


3] An Ineffective Resume:

Well-Written Resume is your silent salesman. While writing an effective 2 Pager Resume, ask yourself these questions:


  • Is it well articulated with no grammatical and/ or spelling errors?


  • Does it focus on primarily my achievements and no responsibilities?


  • Have I identified the key pain-points of the job? And importantly has my Resume highlighted my strengths linking them as solutions for the challenges?


  • Have I tweaked and customised my resume for each application made? Which means 7 different tweaked Resumes for 7 different applications.


4] A Generalised Cover Letter:

An effective Cover Letter has the power to motivate the hiring manager to read your Resume. How do you make your cover note powerful? By doing the following:


Studying the pain points of the job and accordingly mentioning 2-3 of your achievements pertaining to the specific challenges that the job entails. One-liners of your outstanding achievements will engage the hiring manager to read your Resume. We call it the Pitch Letter. Even while applying to recruitment agencies, you need to study each of the client’s (employer) requirements and then tailor-make a pitch letter so that the agency is motivated to present your candidature to its clients.


5] Not Following Up For Your Candidature:

There are thousands of applications every hiring manager receives. And unless you stand out as a candidate, the chances are less of you receiving the call. After you have sent your application, you need to follow up with the recruitment agency or directly with the hiring manager (depending on who has posted the job). There is the one-minute elevator pitch technique that needs to be used as a follow up through an email or over the phone. That means telling the hiring manager within only one minute the benefits of meeting you. To make your pitch effective, some further research you need to do about the job’s requirement and find interesting data which matches with your achievements.


Once you take care of the above, you will see your rate of receiving an interview call soaring.


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Happy Job Hunting!!


Sarabjeet Sachar

Founder & CEO


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