Are You Treating Your LinkedIn Profile As A Resume?

August 2, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

I have come across many job seekers who develop their Resume and then simply copy-paste the content into their LinkedIn Profile. If that is the case, there lurks the danger of you coming across as a commodity and an excellent opportunity to brand yourself is lost. A Resume is viewed by a hiring manager for the sole purpose of shortlisting candidates.


While a LinkedIn Profile is viewed by the same hiring manager with a slightly different frame of mind wherein he/she spends some time to evaluate because the format is interactive and allows variety. With my experience of dealing with hiring managers, let me share 4 key differences which will help you appreciate that both need to be treated distinctly.


1] Application vs LinkedIn Profile:


A Resume is received by a prospective employer with a clear objective that it is an application for a job. So the Hiring manager will actively get engaged only if it is well written, achievement-oriented and customized. While a LinkedIn Profile Summary will be viewed even when you are passive about the job search. What attracts the hiring manager in LinkedIn is your branding. Some features that showcase it are a clear headline, summary, PPT presentations, and recommendations.


2] Active vs Passive:


A Resume is used to connect with prospective hiring companies primarily when you are seeking a job. While LinkedIn Profile offers you an opportunity on an ongoing basis to build your network with prospective employers as well as with customers.


3] Direct vs Developmental:


The LinkedIn platform offers the opportunity to initially interact with potential employers and develop a relationship through value additions whereas a Resume has its limitation of being seen directly as an application for a job. It does not allow you any buffer time to engage with the hiring manager.


4] Limited vs Holistic:


A Resume is a 2 pager document which when well written should motivate the hiring manager to meet you. But it has few limitations like any attachment separately showcasing a presentation may not necessarily attract attention. While LinkedIn offers you the platform to attach PPT presentations or media coverage of achievements and so on which can be in general reflecting your areas of expertise. It presents your candidature more holistically.


Do keep these tips in mind while Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile.


Happy Job Hunting!

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