Avoid These 11 Common Job Mistakes And Land Up With A Suitable Job

July 30, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

The common job mistakes most job seekers make is that they depend upon a limited network of professionals who they are familiar with and think that just by sharing their Resume with them, they will receive an interview call. Getting an interview call remains the biggest challenge for most job seekers because the candidate’s focus is not on the ‘value’ he/she gets (which is the most critical component) because of the anxiety of finding a job. And it is understandable because Job Search is a frustrating experience with lots of common job mistakes.


As 95% of mid to senior candidates who are job seekers come across as frustrated because of the following:


  • It has been months and perhaps a year that they are looking for a job, however, there is no response from the hiring managers to their applications.


  • They have been speaking to references but the most common response they receive is – “ they will revert when there is a vacancy.”


However, it need not be if your entire approach undergoes a dramatic change. When jobs are scarce and multiple candidates are vying for the same job. One needs to stand out as a candidate to attract the attention of the prospective employer. And avoiding common job mistakes could play a major role in the job search strategy. Remember that a job search requires a strategy and we at Aspiration Jobs in the last 3 years plus have successfully got Interview Calls. Jobs for over 2000 candidates availing our job search and Interview Assistance Service.


It is important for you to note that we have been successful in getting interview calls from employers where we do not have any established relationships. It is purely selling the value of a candidate and spreading our net wide with the right approach which gets us the result. I am sharing the steps with you so that you too can get positive results by following them. So be encouraged that you really don’t need to know people. Instead what you need to do is to follow the right approach and avoid some common job mistakes


Avoid These Below-Mentioned 11 Common Job Mistakes


Mistake 1] Feeling Frustrated And Becoming Desperate:

While one appreciates that seeking a job change or being jobless can be a frustrating experience. There is no point in reflecting that emotion in your dealings. Remind yourself that you are valuable and it is only the effectiveness of the approach to present your candidature which helps you tide over this temporary hurdle.


Mistake 2] Doing Just A Blanket Search (without right keywords) For Jobs Online And Depending Upon Only One Or Two Sources To Search For Jobs:

There are appropriate keywords that you need to list down from the domain specialisation and try multiple combinations of keywords like say – the “designation” and “project management” and “construction industry”. LinkedIn, company websites, IIM jobs in addition to major job portals are few sources. Your ex-colleagues and ex-bosses can be other sources of leads. Spread your net wide.


Mistake 3] Not Validating The Job:

One needs to call the hiring manager/recruitment agency and validate whether the job is active or not. There are many old jobs that continue to be reflected in the online medium. Apply only to active jobs.


Mistake 4] A Standard Template-Based Standard Resume Being Mailed Across Without Customising:

You need an achievement-based (not responsibility based) Resume which is tweaked for each job that you apply for. The tweaking has to be according to the pain point of each job. We develop Story Resumes which are effective.


Mistake 5] A Standard Cover Note Which Just Spells Out Your Background And Says……’Kindly Find Attached’:

It is a no-no to send such applications. You need a strong pitch letter that sells your candidature by connecting the dots with the pain points of each job. It needs to be short with a targeted focus on the business pain points of the job.


Mistake 6] Cursory Or No Research About The Job/Company:

Without knowing what you are shooting for, how will you get a bullseye? It is extremely critical to do in-depth research on the company and business pain points of the job.


Mistake 7] Not Matching Your Expertise And Experience With Each Pain Point Of The Job:

On the basis of the research, you will need to make a list of your outstanding achievements addressing key requirements of the potential job applied for.


Mistake 8] Not Having A Well Written LinkedIn Profile Or Worst Still Not Having A Profile At All:

A LinkedIn profile helps in branding you. It is an important tool for initiating network building. Also, in today’s day and digital age, employers and recruitment agencies do shortlist profiles on the basis of a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. You cannot afford to miss out.


Mistake 9] Not Following Up With A One-Minute Elevator Pitch With The Hirin6g Manager After Sending Application:

Just sending an application is only 50% of the task. You need to follow up with a one-minute elevator pitch wherein you focus within one minute on one or two of your perfectly matching skills and achievements as per the requirement of the job. That attracts the attention of the hiring manager and motivates him/her to call you for a meeting.


Mistake 10] Not Sending A Thank You Mail After Speaking To The Hiring Manager And Also After The Interview:

Both these occasions are opportunities for you to stand out as a candidate. It is a good idea to just recap your strengths briefly after you have followed up with the hiring manager. And in case you have appeared for an interview, you can always send a thank you mail mentioning one of two additional points. Points that you may have forgotten during the interview. Also, add some points after doing further research which brings your candidature closer to the requirement of the job. This step makes you stand out.


Mistake 11] Not Selling Your Candidature To Recruitment Agencies:

Simply sending your Resume to a recruitment agency won’t cut any ice. You need to study the job descriptions posted by recruitment agencies and follow the same process of addressing the pain points and building your case as being the right candidate. A recruitment agency makes money by placing you and you have to motivate the agency to present your candidature to its clients. So for different positions, you need to have different Pitch Letters.


Follow this holistic approach and I can assure you that you are bound to get positive results.


Happy job hunting!!!


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