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Job Search Strategy

Home Course Job Search Strategy

What is the course about?

The online video course has 18 modules presented by Sarabjeet Sachar (with well-designed
questions for self-rating) which make you an expert in acing interviews.

96 students

What do you get?

  • A complete step by step guidance on how to search for your dream job.
  • How to easily making a target list of prospective hiring companies?.
  • Using unique methods to do research on a company and the job requirements.
  • Customizing your cover letter and Resume as per the employer’s requirement.
  • Behavioral Q – How would you handle a situation when a recently launched product is not picking up sales?
  • Using social media to reach out to hiring managers.
  • Handling the most common and trickiest interview questions (presented in an interesting mock format).
  • Follow up call using the one-minute elevator pitch post the interview to get a positive response.


All steps are presented in an easy to use module wise format.The modules are presented personally by Sarabjeet Sachar, BSc ( Physics) Mumbai university, DMM, NMIMS, General management programme, IIM , Bangalore who is an interview coach and has guided over 2500 professionals on job search and interview success. He possesses over 30 years of exciting experience in sales, conducting 10,000+ interviews, recruitment across industries and coaching thousands of professionals on job search & interview success. His coaching and guidance guarantees to measurably accelerate your job search and interview success rate.He has extensive knowledge of current recruitment practices including behavioural-based interviewing techniques.

Our Interview Training Service is designed to help you overcome nerves, build your confidence and increase your success rate at job interviews. The course will help you prepare, practice and perform more effectively at interviews and give you skills and techniques to stand out from other applicants.



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