Do You Have The 5 Skills Most Wanted By Recruiters During Covid?

August 3, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

What has covid taught us?


To be adaptable, keep our flexibility muscles strong, be resilient, perform under unpredictable circumstances and communicate effectively through the digital platform.


With my over 3 decades of experience in sales, recruitment and career transition coaching, I know that each one of you as humans possess all these 5 qualities. You may not be sure, however if not always, on certain occasions you have demonstrated these skills. You may possess some qualities to a lesser extent and what is important is becoming aware of them followed by constantly working towards developing them. An important aspect is that as a job seeker it is not so much about your capabilities as much as it about marketing your candidature. While domain skills are something that every candidate talks presents, you need to use the soft skills or transferrable skills and differentiate yourself. Let me show you how you can demonstrate these 5 key qualities which impress recruiters whenever you communicate with the prospective employers.


Let me list down the 5 qualities again:


1] Adaptability
2] Flexibility
3] Resilience
4] Ability to perform under unpredictable circumstances
5] Communicate through the digital platform


Follow the below 4 step structured approach:


1] Success stories: List down stories of success where you used each of these skills. Include personal stories as well as professional ones separately. Do an elaborate description of each of the stories.


2] Customise: Identify the ones which are required by the job that you are applying for and highlight only those where you can demonstrate with your success stories.


3] Combo presentation: Pick up these 5 skills and include them in your Resume, LinkedIn profile and the pitch letter that you use while making applications or while having conversations with recruiters.


4] Upskill: Out of the 5 skills whichever you are yet to develop, start working on them and when asked by recruiters, mention that you are aware of them and are sharpening your saw.


These steps would make you stand out as a candidate because generally speaking 70 % of job seekers focus on their domain skills and the ones who focus on soft skills, do not know which ones to highlight.


Work on these and you will accelerate the pace of your job search by attracting recruiters. You also have the option of using professional LinkedIn writing service or Resume writing services where you can outsource your requirement to experienced service providers like Aspiration.


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