How A ‘LinkedIn Profile’ Introduces The Whole YOU


A senior Sales professional Ramesh ( not real name) with 15 years plus experience had sent me his Resume. Since Ramesh is known to me as a professional, what I realized was that the Resume had less than half the impact considering his talents, skills and expertise. It did not introduce me to the WHOLE person, Ramesh. I asked him “ Why have you not emphasized on key skills and achievements which are your differentiators?” He said “ I know but how does one present everything in a Resume?” . Though I appreciated his point of view, I also know that a well written Resume ( 2 pages) is very effective. Additionally, in today’s digital times, a LinkedIn profile has also got to be used to supplement your efforts in building your brand image. I studied his LinkedIn profile and noticed that like most senior professionals, he was not active and had not paid any attention to crafting his LinkedIn Profile . And the content was more of a copy paste of the Resume. It is important to remember that a Resume is sent with a purpose of getting an interview call when you are seeking a job change. Whereas LinkedIn promotes you as a passive and potential candidate with prospective employers. So it is critical to have the kind of Profile which is effective. I also asked our client Mr.Jayaraman, Asso Vice President – HR , The HINDU Group on his team’s usage of LinkedIn to source talent. He shared ” We look at LinkedIn for sourcing mid level candidates but for senior level positions, we still depend on Executive Search firms. But it is gaining prominence”. However, we and many other Search firms use LinkedIn to source talent at senior level.

I advised him to rewrite and handle his LinkedIn profile with the following tips in mind.

The beauty of the online medium is it’s dynamic and interactive nature. More so LinkedIn offers a platform to present multiple dimensions of your personality. Let me share with you the 5 things that introduce the whole YOU on LinkedIn :

1] Headline : It should mention about what you do rather than a job title. Keep your target employers in mind ( in case you are seeking a job) and what you can do for the reader while writing your headline. Keywords used here are effective in getting you up in searches conducted.

2] Summary : Should differentiate you right in the beginning (worldwide research shows that it takes 30 seconds for the reader to decide whether to read further or not). And the Summary is most critical because on LinkedIn, the mindset of a reader is to read the Summary in the first 30 seconds.

3] Demonstration : Pictures, Articles published, Videos, Case Study presentations, Awards are tools to showcase your talent beyond just a mention.

4] Engaging Capability : Knowledge shared through meaningful comments and interaction in relevant discussions within groups.

5] Recommendations : A recommendation from a senior professional can built credibility further.

The Resume has it’s own place and purpose. Both mediums are different and have to be used as a combined tool. And it is good to remember that in the marketing mix of your candidature promotion, LinkedIn plays a vital role which when used with the right strategy can open many more doors. Now for the past 4 to 5 months, Ramesh is using this additional and effective tool which has widened the net while searching for a job and improved his business potential as well.

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Best of Luck for an improved Profile!!

Sarabjeet Sachar

Founder & CEO

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