How To Write A LinkedIn Profile Summary – Examples And Tips

August 2, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

I was coaching a senior professional last week who had an amazing performance-driven track record. However, when I saw his LinkedIn Profile summary, it was dull and staid and just a few lines of simply no thought out text matter content. When I asked him whether he knows how to write a LinkedIn profile summary. He shared that he did not think LinkedIn was an important element in the Job Search Strategy. Also, he did not have the time to write an effective LinkedIn Profile summary. This is a common mindset of most professionals and they lose out on huge opportunities of networking with recruiters which is so useful in the job search.


Why is the Summary so important? Just reflect on your own behaviour as a reader– what would you do while reading someone’s LinkedIn Profile? Look at the Linkedin headline, profile picture and then read the summary (about you). And if the LinkedIn profile summary is not engaging enough, you would not be motivated to read the profile further. Right? So even if you have customized your headline, your profile is just 10 percent in terms of effectiveness if the summary is weak. Let me show you how to write a LinkedIn profile summary which is engaging. Below am offering you tips with examples.


Tips to write a LinkedIn Profile Summary:


Keep the following quote in mind while writing your LinkedIn profile summary:


Your expertise has tremendous value. You are offering your expertise, not asking to be hired ” – Leah Neaderthal.


It is important to keep in mind who your target audience is and what would you like them to do. If your target audience is prospective employers at the senior level. And you would want to build a network with them, then develop your LinkedIn profile summary accordingly.


The Opening Content: 

It needs to have an engaging and attractive opening. The first sentence could be a famous quote that reflects your belief (your brand) or some outstanding achievement which can be backed up with facts and is also unique. It needs to hook the reader.



If you are an outstanding sales professional and have the unique ability to convince people without coming across as pushy, you can open with a quote like –


People don’t buy because what you do is awesome. People buy because it makes them feel awesome”- Tara Gentile 


The Middle Part of the Content:

It needs to be about how special you are in terms of your expertise. And what you can do for your target audience. Your career story needs to aid your Job Search by telling about your passion, your unique strengths, your outstanding achievements which can be validated. Include what people say about you which helps in building your brand and what you can do committedly to deliver great results. Do not use common vocabulary like a results-driven professional and so on.



Summary of a senior sales professional with 22 years experience.


A down to earth and honest individual with an adaptable nature which has enabled me to rise from a Senior Executive to Assistant VP with the XYZ Group, handling its personal Finance vertical where I was instrumental in growing the revenue of the product from a company from INR 22 crores to INR 40 crores within 4 years. Going by the track record of performance I was also given the responsibility to head the flagship brand.

Recognized by seniors as a “hardworking, straight forward person, someone who goes the extra mile” and by colleagues as “a reliable friend”.


End Part of the Content:

Include your core skills which are backed by the LinkedIn optimization tool and helps in bringing up your profile in the search results of the recruiters.


Your LinkedIn profile summary needs to have original content (no copy-paste) because people are interested in knowing about you and you can hook them with your brand. If you do not have the time, it is worth investing and availing of LinkedIn Profile Writing Services by hiring a professional LinkedIn profile writers. They will help you in getting your LinkedIn Profile to an All-Star Rating.


Remember with a poorly written LinkedIn profile summary, you would be losing opportunities to get hired.


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Happy job hunting!

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