Interview Preparation Tips To Stand Out the Interview During Pandemic Situation

Interview Preparation Tips By Sarabjeet Sachar - AspirationJobs

How to give the best shot in an Interview? This is a common question everyone has in mind while they are planning for a job search. Be you are a fresher, a mid-level employee, or in a higher position, every position you apply for has a different Job Interview pattern. Nowadays, people have become even more cautious and started to enroll in various Interview Coaching classes. Aspiration Jobs is one of the most experienced hiring organizations, which delivers some excellent Interview coaching sessions, which can change your approach to Job Interviews. Today we will be sharing some super Interview preparation tips that can help you bring an end to your job search.

In this pandemic situation of Coronavirus, the market has gone topsy-turvy. Companies had to minimize their workforce, and hirers have started to look for efficient and multi-tasking employees who can be assets for the company.

Today we are going to discuss some tips to crack Interview rounds easily. Our Interview preparation tips will be based on the general Interview Questions that every Interviewee faces while they appear for their Job Interviews.

 1] Tell me something about yourself? – The very first question you face in a Job Interview

Here the interviewer wants to know about your professional skills and experience and what makes you a right fit candidate for this profile. Saying about your family background and other personal details comes secondary. So, try to focus on your skills and professional achievements while you are giving an Interview

 2] Why should we hire you? – One of very tricky questions while you are on your Job search

Here you are tested by the employer. They want to understand how well you can represent yourself and sell them your skills, experience, and achievements. Here, the employer wants to know the value you can add if you are hired. They also assess how much understanding you have about the company and the position you applied for. The primary thing that they gauge is how you are different from the other candidates.

 3] What are your strengths? – Another tricky question that is very well taught in the Interview coaching classes 

You need to focus on your core professional strengths that can directly add value to the position you applied for.

4] What are your weak areas? – Critical Job Interview question, which must be replied to positively.

This question is a honey trap. Remember, no one wants to know your weakness; this is not the agenda for which you are Interviewed. Hirers want to understand how capable you are to deal with such awkward questions, and they want to see how smartly you are answering it. The employer wants to know what the areas of improvement are and how you are working on it. So share how you are keen to improve your talents and skills and how much you have progressed. Also, say how these improvements can add value to the current company.

 5] What are your salary expectations? – Most vital question for you in your job search process

Every employer has a budget, and they set the salary bar based on a few parameters such as skill, experience, and of course, their ability. So, you need to do proper research for this before you appear for the Interview. Know the salary bar for the profiles you are applying to. Try to allow the employer to make the first move so that you have the opportunity to negotiate or bargain later.

As per our Interview Preparation Tips, you need to consider the below-mentioned factors:

A] The current pay scales going on in the industry

B] Your experience, value, and skills unique value that is matching to the job

C] What are your further career prospects and learning opportunity?

 6] Would you be open to a higher variable component that is linked to performance as compared to the fixed amount? A major Covid special question and our interview preparation tips will help you answer this smartly.

With the sudden topsy-turvy situation of Covid, companies are going through a lot of changes. Due to limited business, companies are planning to have a variable payout for their employees. Variable payout is nowadays becoming a prominent part of every company. This is so because companies can monitor the employee’s performance, which will also make the employee work dedicatedly and be associated with the company for a more extended period of time. The whole thing will be performance-driven. And in the coming time, the variable payout will be a part of the compensation structure, so think about it. You should accept it sportingly as this will also keep motivating you to perform well to get a handsome amount as a part of your salary at the end of the financial quarter or year. 

 7] Can you give us an example of how adaptable are you to different kinds of situations? – Adaptability is a real matter of concern for every interviewer, so this is one of the significant points of our interview preparation tips

In this pandemic situation, life has taught us about all sorts of uncertainties, so employers are very keen to understand how you can deal with such changes. So, here you need to put together all such situations in your current and previous work experience, where you have adapted very well with sudden or planned changes that you had in your companies. 

 8] Tell us how strong is your learning ability? – Progressive question generally asked in job interviews

Explain how progressive you are about learning new things and how you want to move forward in life. Show how you always stay keen to upgrade yourself by learning new skills and how it has always helped you deliver better results in your existing and past companies. 

 9] Why are you interested in this job? – It’s an analytical question, which you need to include in your interview preparation tips list definitely

Demonstrate how your skills and work experience match the job profile and how you are the best fit for the opening. You also need to explain your potentiality to learn new things and help the company grow along with you.

 10] How would you deal with a situation when you don’t get the desired result? – An attitude assessing question generally asked in every Interview

Remember, the employer wants to assess your attitude and understand how you can deal with negativity. Explain how you try to learn from everything and how you move on with new experiences and knowledge in life.  

These Interview Preparation Tips will add value to your Job Interview preparations. In case you want to have more such Interview Preparation Tips, and want to crack your next Interview, join the Interview coaching classes delivered by the founder of Aspiration Jobs – Mr. Sarabjeet Sachar. His special Tips to crack Interview can do wonders for you!

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