Tips To Write A Job Winning Resume

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Your resume is the personal marketing document that will help you sell your skills and potentialities to the hirer. Your resume is the document that represents your profile on your behalf. This paper needs to have all the minute details that can competently represent your potentiality to the search committee while the screening process. Research says that recruiters take only 20 seconds to have an initial glance, and that is when their eyes stick to the major highlights of skills and achievements in your profile. So, to get selected, you need to know how to write a job winning resume.

There are several resume writing formats, but you need to understand what items to know about job seekers applying for the particular post. Today we will be discussing some tips to write job winning resume. These tips will help to draft an impressive resume summary and will help you to avoid all sorts of common resume mistakes.

Here are some tips for writing a job winning resume

1. Set your job search objective

A career objective is essential. You need to know what kind of job you are applying for, why you are using, and what you expect from the upcoming profile. A well-written will majorly help you to draft a clear career objective. In your resume format, your career objective will represent how focused you are.

Set your resume summary as if it works as a marketing tool.

Draft your resume summary while highlighting your skills. Convey your plus points on how you can be an asset to the company. A strong and impactful resume summary can do wonders for your resume to become a job winning resume.

2. Check on the resume mistakes

No matter how good you write, you must have a proper grammar check and spelling check before you finish your resume. Remember recruiter gets irritated if you have silly mistakes in your resume.

3. Market your profile and skills

Don’t forget that your resume is your marketing brochure. So you need to draft each detail, keeping this in mind. Your work experience must resemble the job description. Based on the job opening, tailor your profile.

4. Remember, it’s your resume and not a CV

When you apply for a mid-level or senior level profile, you need to reframe your professional experience. You have to streamline your work experience. Explain the critical achievements as your resume must be achievement-driven. Your achievements will further help you to understand what you can do for the organization. Remember, a summary should not be more than two pages.

5. Highlight your leadership skills

Any hiring company will look for leaders for their company who can lead the team better. Hirer looks for competent people, so try to focus on your leadership skills and how your leadership has taken your existing and previous company to the next level.

6. Create a resume that can compel

Learn to put the most vital and most relevant skills and critical responsibilities first. Action words and superlatives seek attention. Put your achievements honestly with high impactful words, which will help your resume stand others.

7. The correct format is necessary

The layout of the resume needs to be simple, with proper gaps in between. Try to put the skills and work experience in bullets for easy reading. Use a readable font, and the font size must be preferably 12. Choose concise and clear language so that two pages can be sufficient for your profile. Get it proofread by any of your mentors or family members.

8. Design a well-formed structure

Put your name, email address, contact number, Linkedin detail on the top. Next, portray your career objective and profile synopsis. Next, put your skills and achievements. Mention your education details. List your career history in chronological order. Include job title, company details, tenure, job role, achievements, and accomplishments.

9. Demonstrate what level of team members you handled

As you reach the senior level, you need to mention what senior team members (designations) you handle. It would be best if you also say that who your reporting head (designation) is. Details about your reportees and your reporting head will create a significant impact on your profile.

10. Bifurcation your skills section

If you are drafting a functional or hybrid resume, make sure you divide your skillset into technical and non-technical. Also, mention additional skills if you have any. The essential abilities must have relevance with the skills required for the position you are applying to.

11. Mention the figures

Remember, the use of percentage, amounts, and figures stands out in the resume. In your achievement section and accomplishments mentioning the over achievement sales target figure or the number of team members you handle, the monthly, quarterly, or yearly profit you made on behalf of your company will substantially impact the hirer.

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