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The Secret behind getting your Resume opened by a Recruiter

It is the ‘PITCH LETTER which engages the recruiter and motivates him/her to open your Resume.

Introducing yourself well sets the stage for a professional conversation, whether that’s at a networking event, with a colleague or at the beginning of an interview. One tool many people use to make introductions simple and effective is the pitch letter.


What is Pitch Letter?

A pitch letter is a quick summary of yourself.

A pitch letter will be useful to have ready throughout the interview process as it is typically a great icebreaker to start a conversation. From phone screen to in-person interview, you’ll be asked to provide a summary of who you are, your background and what you want from your next job.

Difference between a cover letter and a pitch letter

Do you want to know how to write the best pitch letter and not a cover letter?

Cover Letter

  • General language not customized to recruiters merely stating to find your Resume attached in the mail.
  • Does not stand out and engage.
  • Experience and background oriented.
  • Does not engage due to general paragraph-oriented content.
  • Recruiter might not be tempted to open your Resume.

Pitch Letter

  • Customized (addresses hiring manager by name), engaging start, impactful tabular format addressing the pain points of the job and matching your achievements presenting you as a solution provider.
  • Immediately catches the attention of the recruiter as the format and content is unique.
  • Demonstrable achievement oriented and finds connect with the hiring manager.
  • Saves the recruiter’s time due to its focused and unique presentation. Crisp, short and to the point.
  • Recruiter will be very motivated to open and go through your Resume.

Why a pitch letter works?

  • Focuses on pain points of the job
  • Is short and effective
  • Attracts attention because it offers a solution
  • Addresses the hiring manager by name

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