Recruitment Services for Employers

Get top-quality talent with our "20-Steps Process"

  1. Client Consultation
  2. Preparation of Assignment Brief
  3. Candidate Attraction (1. Data Bank, 2. Executive Search, 3. Referrals)
  4. Response Management
  5. Detailed Screening through a Questionnaire & Telephone Interview
  6. Shortlist
  7. Set-up Interviews
  8. Prepare Candidate for Interview
  9. Prepare Employer for Interview
  10. Client – Candidate Interview
  11. Debrief Candidate
  12. Debrief Employer
  13. Reference and Vetting Checks
  14. Closing and Negotiation
  15. Offer and Acceptance
  16. Prepare Candidate for Resignation
  17. Counsel during Counter Offers
  18. Confirmation of Start Date
  19. Final Invoice
  20. Monitor success of the search

Over 10,000 candidates placed, with over 500 employers across India, like...

Professional recruitment has been our forte for over 19 years now and we take pride in guiding job-seekers to their dream jobs and in preparing them for interview calls.

We, in fact, act as a bridge between the best candidates and the most suitable employers to them.

A perfect two-way fit!

We are particular about the quality of candidates and your experience as an employer in dealing with our recruitment services will be different because we have clearly bifurcated teams with good understanding of different domains.

So, if you are looking for recruitment services in India, you are at the right place!

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