Avoid Rejection With These Resume Writing Tips

resume writing tips

How would you feel if you are sure that you are a suitable candidate for so many jobs but do not get an interview call? With my over 3 decades of experience in recruitment and Job Search Coaching, I come across so many resumes of professionals who do not reflect the capability of the individual. When one meets a candidate, one is surprised to learn about the kind of immense potential the person has. However, a poorly written resume can result in your candidature being rejected for an interview. In that case, a person is required to have some resume writing tips to build a Well-Written Resume.

HR managers and recruiters are inundated with hundreds of applications and worldwide research shows that a recruiter spends on an average only 6-7 seconds to run through a Resume before they decide to call a candidate for an interview. So it is critical that your resume has elements that are engaging at the beginning itself to engage the reader so that your Resume is read fully and importantly the recruiter is motivated to call you.

Here are a few Executive Resume Writing Tips that will help you develop a Powerful Resume

To avoid rejection, you must go for these resume writing tips-

1] Headline:

It is like the cover title of a book. If the title is weak, even a good book can lose sales. Having a clear headline stating what is your core expertise helps in attracting the recruiter and in reading your profile further.

2] Summary / Professional Profile:

Bring out your most unique talents and skills, describe a story of success with some outstanding achievement (makes it human and helps in branding you) and state your passion.

3] Core Skills:

Gives a quick reference point of your core skills and additionally helps in keyword search which recruiters do online while searching for candidates. Include those which are your key strengths and help in positioning you in a specific area of expertise.

4] Focus On Measurable Achievements:

Most resumes have their primary focus on responsibilities. For example, most would mention something like : 

I was heading the sales leading a team for B TO B vertical. 

Instead, say something like: 

I headed the national sales revenue of X amount which grew from A % to B % consistently for 3 years. We achieved 110 % of the target in trying times when markets were down by opening up newer category market segments. 

It is clear which of the above 2 options is more engaging.

5] Vocabulary:

Needs to be non-repetitive and human. Not a copy-paste from other Resumes. Because otherwise, your resume does not stand out. 

6] Spelling Errors:

This is the worst thing that can be found in any resume. Even the most suitable candidate may be rejected and not called for an interview if the Resume has spelling errors. It creates a bad impression similar to when you meet someone wearing clothes that are dirty and unwashed

7] Formatting:

If the Resume is not well-formatted and displays a poor visual look that is not user friendly, then it loses an opportunity to engage the reader. 

8] 2 Pager:

Ensure that the Resume fits into a 2 pager. The objective of a resume is to get you an interview call; so one does not have to include every possible achievement or responsibility. You need to leave things to be discussed at the interview. 

Resume Writing Tips
Resume Writing Tips

Follow the above guidelines and you will experience an improvement in the hit rate of your resume getting shortlisted. In case you do not have the time or cannot for some reason manage to do it on your own, it is worth investing in a resume writing service hiring a professional resume writer. 

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Happy Job Hunting!!!