Resume: Your Second Sales Job Search Tool

The second of your tools to perfect, in your sales job search endeavours, is the resume.

Your resume is basically a document of your skills, abilities and accomplishments.

Understand it to be a short and quick way for you to introduce yourself to a potential employer.

It has to primarily convince the recruiter of one thing: “This candidate is worth calling for an interview”.

So you must say all the things that are critical for the position and the profile you are aspiring for.

But here’s the scary part:

Studies confirm that 6 seconds is the average time spent reading a resume.

More recent ones claim that to be 7.4 seconds.

So you have a whole of 7.4 seconds to be considered fit for an interview call.

And that is if the recruiter’s ATS system has not rejected you already.

So what do you do?

Perfect your resume!

Get everything right:

  • the headline,
  • the summary,
  • the keywords that beat the recruiters’ ATS,
  • the formatting,
  • the descriptions… everything!

Presenting yourself as a solution provider, selling your brand-story, presenting your work-experience based on your achievements.

Some work, eh?

So here’s what this sales job search journey, until now, is all about:

You need a perfect pitch letter and resume that beat the recruiter’s ATS system and get picked up for consideration. And after about 7.4 seconds of selling you, get the recruiter to call you for an interview.


So you think you have a perfect resume to be called for an interview?


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Interview, did we say?

Wait there’s one more thing that is a make-or-break!

Between getting past the shortlisting phase and getting an interview call.

And more than 70% applicants don’t know about it or take the easy way out and ignore it.

The 3rd tool.

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