Saddest Thing We’ve Seen On Resumes

Saddest Thing on Resumes

The saddest thing I have come across in Resumes when it was of 6 pages. And no focus on ‘achievements’ and only elaborating ‘responsibilities’. The focus in Resumes has to be on sharing stories of ‘measurable achievements’ and not responsibilities and it should be mentioned in one-liners or in brief only.

In this case, there were frequent Job Shifts spread over a tenure of 20 years, and the only description of responsibilities formed a major part of the content. Looked like the professional seeking a change missed the woods for the trees. And thought that by mentioning everything is possible, he will be able to impress the reader, which is a mistake.

One does not have to forget that the objective of a Resume. It is to achieve the first step only – motivate the reader to call you for an Interview only. You do not focus on getting the job. And a customized Pitch Letter (generally referred to as the cover letter) is an important tool for the receiver to get engaged and open the Resumes.

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