5 Tips To Boost Your Resume During COVID-19

Tips To Boost Resume During COVID-19 - AspirationJobs

In the situation of COVID-19, job opening has got massively affected, but job search has increased due to sudden layoffs. The job scenario has rapidly changed. As we had seen in 2001 and 2008, when the market crashed, hiring still happened in that time of recession too. The same scenario is getting repeated, even today, due to COVID-19. However, things aren’t going back to “normal.” Instead, we’re in a “new normal” now. In this scenario, job seekers need to be more specific in their job hunting. Though uncertainty has been all around, job seekers with required job skills are always given priority by the hirers. Thus, this is the right time to boost your resume during COVID-19.

In this new normal due to COVID-19, job seekers need to emerge stronger and impress the hirer with the job skills to succeed. That means if you want to get hired in this “new normal” under COVID-19, your resume needs to highlight certain traits, abilities, and job skills. Today, in this article, we will be sharing some fantastic tips that can boost your resume during COVID-19.

So, let’s discuss five tips to boost your resume during COVID-19

Streamline Your Resume Skills

Due to COVID- 19, companies are facing various financial challenges, so they are looking for talent who can take responsibility for getting through the job challenges in this tough time. So try to focus on how you can contribute to making the best use of current resources. Portray, if you can device new money-making opportunities or how you can preserve the existing revenue resource.  

Efficiency In Remote Work Management

In this “new normal,” remote work efficiency is a primary criterion. As now companies are streamlining costs, so they are more inclined to access remote-working tools. It would be best if you mention your efficiency in working with such remote working tools. Experience in managing teams through project management tools will help you grab a job even in this Covid-19 crisis.

Explain how you have experience in managing remote teams at different locations.

Mention your experience in various software such as Team, Slack, and even mention the cloud storage platform. Mention all such productivity management software in your resume skill section as one of your job skills. Adequately portraying your efficiency will highlight your resume during COVID-19.

Highlight Your Efficiencies

In this uncertainty, due to COVID-19, companies are distributing their budgets due to the declined revenues. If you are a part of the project, then highlight your efforts in completing the project on time and within stipulated budget and time. If you have any experience completing a project within budget or under budget, you must highlight that too.

Show Your Multi-Tasking Skills.

If you are a job seeker, you need to know all the skills to make you a winner in your job hunting mission. Nowadays, every company looks for efficient employees who can multi-task. When things have deteriorated a lot due to COVID-19, employers are desperately looking for multi-tasking senior leaders. And this is the perfect time where you can portray all your multi-tasking skills. This step will make your resume stand out from others.

Learn New Skills

This is the right time to invest in learning new skills. Nowadays, there are lots of online courses that can be remotely registered. Get the right professional or technical course that is related to your profile. Getting a new educational course added to your profile can give hype to your resume. So try to get one of the latest professional certificates added to your profile. Mention your updated skills to strengthen your resume during COVID-19. These certifications will also show how you were active throughout this Covid-19 time. Remember, employers prefer engaged employees who always want to grow.

Provide A Proper Justification In Case If You Have A Job Gap

In the challenging situation of COVID-19, where cost-cutting has become an unavoidable situation for all companies, many employees have lost their job. If you have faced such a problem, there will be no point in hiding the truth. To show how well you have utilized this time and how you made the best out of it, you need to show your productivity in various manners. Get into some online certification courses. You can also contribute to some open-source projects or can pursue some personal projects. Mention all these in the resume to give a positive and productive image, even during the tough time of COVID-19.

Remember, in order to get your resume shortlisted, you need to prepare a resume that can stand out and draw the hirers’ attention. Your resume must be achievement-driven, which can make hirer have faith in you, that hiring you will be the right decision even in this crisis time of COVID-19.

Preparing a resume during COVID-19 needs patience, effort, and efficiency. You must be cautious about each word you will be putting in your resume. Be smart enough while you are on job hunting. Still, confused? Don’t worry. Aspiration Jobs is here to get your resume redesign during COVID-19, which can bring better jobs for you. Get Professional Resume Writing Services to get a better response from the hirers.