Tips To Highlight Your Great Resume Work Experience

Tips To Highlight Your Great Resume Work Experience - AspirationJobs

Your resume’s work experience section is one of the most critical areas that must be carefully drafted. The resume work experience is where the recruiter puts special attention to check if your profile is worth shortlisting. If you portray your work experience wrongly, then every effort will go in vain. Today we will give you some useful tips to highlight your resume work experience.

Remember, if your career summary is the appetizer of your plate, then your work experience is the main course, so you must prepare it in such a way that the hirer enjoys every bit of your serving.

In your job hunting process, resume writing format needs special attention. While hiring, be it the ATS or the recruiter or the HR Manager, each one of them thoroughly goes through your work experience and scrutinizes every detail and evaluates if your resume work experience matches the vacancy they have or not. During the job-hunting process, every resume’s work experience section helps to differentiate among the applicants who will be applying for the vacant position.

Your work history will display your potentiality to the employers. By seeing your resume work experience section, they can realize whether you can be an asset to the company or not.

Today we will be sharing some tips to highlight your resume work experience section in the best possible way.

Remember, you must write your work experience without repeating, exaggerating, or providing wrong information. It will be worthy of learning the best resume writing format and the strategic method to make your resume stand out from others.

Put your resume work experience in chronological order

While job hunting, you need to be very specific by refraining yourself from any sorts of resume mistakes. While you are applying for an open position, you need to highlight your resume’s latest work experience, so start chronologically. Write the latest one first, then put it serially from recent to the oldest one. 

Tailor your work experience as per the vacancy you want to apply

There is no need to confuse the hirer by explaining everything you did in your past companies. Be specific, draft the resume work experience section keeping the current job responsibilities in mind for which you are applying. Tailor your key deliverables according to the vacancy you want to apply.

Try to promote the work experience and the skills relevant to the current profile you are seeking.

Work on the keywords

Keywords are a vital thing to consider. Be it ATS or the recruiters; while they spend a few minutes on your resume before shortlisting, they check whether you have experience in the specific skill sets they desire for. 

Make your work experience achievement-driven.

Remember, company HR managers and employers look for problem solvers, highlighting your deliverables, which has been a key in solving specific issues or having been a major one to achieve the company target, can be the game-changer for you. So, try to describe your achievements. Preferably including your job duties, make sure you mention your accomplishments. Say how every move of yours have benefited the company.

Work on the numbers; make your accomplishments more realistic

Accomplishments are measurable and quantifiable. While mentioning your actions, play with figures and percentages. For example, I achieved 120% of my yearly target in the financial year 2019-2020 or fulfilled 3000 warehouse orders with a 100 % accuracy rate within six months. 

Use strong action verbs

To create an impressive impact on the hirer, start your sentences with strong action verbs. This writing style will make your resume work experience look more result-oriented. Don’t stuff your resume with descriptive words; refrain yourself from making such resume mistakes. Include action words in your resume writing format to get attention from recruiters. For example: “Was responsible for project delivery” can be written as “Researched and implemented project delivery guidelines.” This type of action sentence will make you look more capable and confident.

Write short sentences and keep it to-the-point. But don’t miss the critical information. Use bullet points to highlight your resume work experience.

Mention your career trajectory

Hirers always want the reason for your job change from each company that you have mentioned in your resume. So, you need to provide a logical path to it. So, give a proper direction. In your bio paragraph, say how you started, how you moved up. Highlight the growth opportunities for each job change. 

Resume Work ExperiencesDos and don’ts


  • List the work experience in reverse chronological order
  • Ensure consistent formatting of heading throughout the resume
  • Use strategic keywords in your resume for better search result
  • Make your resume achievement and accomplishment driven.
  • Portray the bigger picture, and the positive vision for your job switch from one to another.
  • Keep your resume simple and easy to read
  • Use bullets and short sentences.


  • Don’t use long sentences and paragraphs.
  • Never lie in your work experience.

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