What To Put On A Resume: 5+ Things To Include

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For many years this has been a question to a lot of people, while searching jobs that, “What to put on a resume”? If you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced working professional, if you are switching a job, or switching the industry, this article is going to help you in understanding the main elements that you must mention in it.

What to Put on a Resume?

To understand this better we must know “How a resume works”? Well, it is a document that shows your abilities and your background history in a professional manner in front of the employer. It carries information that helps the employer to understand that you are the right person for the required job. To make it look good and professional, you can use a basic format or templates that are available online.

Before you send a resume, you must prepare a cover letter containing a brief about your qualification and your role in the current job, so that the employer gets an idea about your current skills and helps in relating to the job you applied for. By sending a cover letter there are more chances that employers can consider your application in detail.

Few Things That You Must Know About “What To Put On A Resume”? Are:

Name And Contact Information:

Make sure your name is clear and spelled correctly. While mentioning your email id, make sure it’s a professional one (shouldn’t be a casual or funky id). If there is any voicemail on your phone, make sure it is professional & clear.

Resume Objective:

This section has to be short and impressive in order to show that your focus is clear and goal-oriented. It adds value to it and makes it stand out from other applicants.

Resume Summary:

The summary section must quickly summarize your expertise and qualification. This section must be compiled in four to five bullet points. You can find various ideas online on “how to write a Resume Summary”.

Work Experience:

Here, you need to mention the company name, the position held, and tenure of work. For each job, you can write two to three bullet points to explain the job role precisely. Also, make sure you use the Resume Adjectives well in this section. Please try to include the skills that you have, which matches the job you applied for.

Avoid mentioning huge gaps in between the jobs and do not mention the short duration jobs (like you worked for a week or so). Your work experience must show that you have worked with stability.  If you are a fresh graduate, you can mention the experience of your internship.

Education And Skills:

These two things can be clubbed in one section. Mention your University or College with the year, when you completed it. Also, mention your hard skills for resume here. Hard skills can be your technical skills as well. For e.g. finance, marketing, computer language, etc.


Mentioning references can give weightage to your application, also this would help the employer to know your industry connections that are required for the job.

These sections would definitely help you in overcoming the stress of “What to put on a resume”? You can look for Resume Writing Services online or hire a professional resume writer for more assistance.