Why Did You Quit Your Last Job Without One in Hand? – How to Handle This Tricky Interview Question

July 30, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

There was this senior professional X, age 48, who we were recently assisting in his job search. X has a total of 24 years of work experience and is at the senior management level. X’s current status is that he was jobless since Oct 2016 and had left his previous job after serving with them for a good stable 10 years. He sought our assistance primarily for this one key challenge:


How does he handle his current status of being jobless in an interview?


By handling the question in this manner, you are able to establish a rapport with the interviewer who would appreciate what you get to the table. Remember:

1] Not to come across as reactive and desperate

2] Share the reason in a manner that it reflects the maturity and your being jobless being a part of life and let’s move on kind of an approach

3] Focus entirely on the value you get to the job by customizing your responses.

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