How To Write A Compelling Executive Resume Summary

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A Resume is the most effective document that helps you putting the first impression on an Employer. It contains details like: your Professional Qualification, Technical Skills, Work Experience, Personal information, etc. And, all these details are really important to evaluate your candidature. Hence, writing a good Resume Summary has been considered as the most effective way to exhibit your capability. It’s nothing else but your Resume Summary that defines how it’s going to put an impact on the employer.

Tips On Writing Resume Summary

Do you want to change your job or industry? Are you stuck with writing a perfect Resume summary? If yes, then this article is going to help you to get through these blockages.

What is Profile or Summary?

  • It is a brief representation of your background.
  • It describes who you are and what you are capable of.
  • Most importantly it is the first thing that the employers see.

Your Resume Summary has to be clear, concise and must reflect that you are the right fit for a particular job. 

Just the way you get a separate section while building up a LinkedIn Profile, your resume must have a summary section. Avoid mentioning your soft skills in Resume Summary and focus on the technical skills that make you fit for a job opportunity. Moreover, it is important that it should be written in not more than 4-5 bullet points.

3 Simple Steps To Make A Resume

Other than Resume Summary, another important factor is writing a sequential and structured resume. Most job applicants face this issue. So, here are some of the best Resume Writing Tips.

Step 1: Write a bullet point mentioning an overview of your professional background, total and relevant experience, and skillset

An easy way to write this is to identify the keywords in a job description and then match those keywords with the actual skills that you possess. This way, you can sync your skills with a job description and it will look more appropriate for the position that you are applying for.

Step 2: Highlight your knowledge and technical skills in the profile section.

This section must contain the concepts and knowledge that you possess and gained through your professional experience. You must also write about the knowledge that you have but do not carry any hands-on experience (if that knowledge is required for the job applied). You can also mention the software skills you have, e.g. Microsoft Excel, in this way it will support your candidature and match even more with the requirement of the employer.

Step 3: Emphasize your technical skills in-depth and your Language/Communication proficiency.

A description of your technical skills will help the employer to understand how fast you can get on the job to complete. Also, your language/communication proficiency will help the employer understand if you can communicate well in the job role (if that’s the need of job role). In some cases, you can even write about the things you have learned and developed while being on the previous job. Write about the concepts you know and worked upon in a certain industry. In this way, the employer can judge your ability to be in the matching criteria.

Hence the above information will help you in a Professional Resume Writing. You can even find online Resume Writing Services at a very nominal price. Also, you can hire a Professional or Certified Executive Resume Writer to provide you a Good Resume.