8 Tips To Getting Your LinkedIn Profile To All-Star Rating

August 2, 2021 | Sarabjeet Sachar |

Today 90-95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates. When I am coaching experienced candidates, my strong recommendation to them is to create an engaging LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn, unlike a job portal allows you to develop a strong brand image for yourself. It also helps in building networks with prospective employers. And that is the key to you for being discovered as a potential candidate. Most candidates undermine the use of this effective tool either. This is because of the paucity of time or because they are not skilled at writing a powerful profile. Frankly, there is nothing like a right or wrong way to achieve an all-star rating; however with my over 3 decades of experience, I have learned a few things that work well. Let me give you 8 tips below to come up with a strong LinkedIn profile.


Here Are Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile And To Get It To All-Star Rating:


1] A Powerful Headline:

The headline is like the cover of a book. It serves the purpose of attracting potential recruiters. Keep your headline clear and well defined depicting what you can do for the employer with your skill and expertise. A Regional Sales head can mention something like – Sales head consistently awarded star performer / FMCG / Telecom / B to B sales.


2] Picture:

As it is said- “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Keep a professional picture wherein your face is seen and it is important to smile (friendly).


3] Summary (About You):

This is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. Starting with a quote or mentioning a statement about an amazing and unique ability is an approach that attracts. Mention what people say about you (helps in building your brand image). Add measurable achievements and awards received to build up your LinkedIn Profile Summary. Importantly, add what you are really passionate about which brings in the human angle and share how you are different. While a third person narration is fine, my personal preference is the first person as ‘I’.


4] Presentations And Videos:

Unlike a resume, a LinkedIn profile allows you to showcase your talent by sharing your interesting presentations and videos (if any) or certificates. Or if you were interviewed by the media. Add these selectively.


5] Tenures:

Focus on achievements and not responsibilities. And present your achievements strongly with measurable outcomes.


6] Recommendations:

List your core skills and segregate the ones which you would like the prospective employers to take notice of. Then request for recommendations from different people who would be in a position to recommend you across your skills. Ex bosses, teammates, colleagues, vendors, clients, and so on. That contributes to building your brand image holistically.


7] Vocabulary:

Keep it simple. However, it needs to be strong and well worded without repetitive words.


8] Educational Qualifications:

It is important to fill up the details of your educational background. Leaving it incomplete or blank makes a reader wonder?


You have the option of writing your profile on your own or it is worth making a small investment in hiring good quality Resume Writing Services or LinkedIn Profile Writing Services wherein an experienced LinkedIn profile writer can bring out your nuances as a brand.


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